EPA lists IAQ or Indoor Air Quality in it top 5 concerns for the American public.

Clean air is vital to your health and well-being.

VentMask is an easy Peel-N-Stick vent register filter used to remove dust, pollen, pet and rodent dander, and other particulate.

VentMask removes unwanted irritants from the air in your home or hotel lessening the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

"The heated air won't trigger allergies, but whats accumulated in duct work and then carried into the air-dust, mold, and animal dander can."-Neil Kao, Board Certified Allergist.

Why suffer from allergies? VentMask can help reduce the particulate that trigger allergic reactions. Safeguard yourself from dirty air ducts in your home or hotel.

Use VentMask to give your family the clean air they deserve, at home or while traveling.

VentMask improving your families air quality, everywhere you go.

Add allergy relief in every room with VentMask Peel-N-Stick vent filters.

For More Information email: info@theventmask.com

"The heated air itself won't trigger allergies, but whats accumulated in the duct work and then carried into the air-dust, mold, and animal dander can."- Neil Kao, Board Certified Allergist.
Stop respiratory irritants like dust, pollen and animal dander BEFORE they get into your room.
VentMask gives you immediate results.
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    What Is VentMask?

    VentMasks are an affordable, portable indoor air filters that work great for homes, hotel rooms, travel, children's rooms and much more! They are extremely easy to use and last 60 days. Simply remove the adhesive backing and apply firmly to any vent register. Hotel Air Filters (VentMask) can be placed over vent registers and air intake registers for cleaner and healthier air.Read More

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    Why do I need VentMask?

    Do you suffer from wheezing, coughing or difficulty breathing? Do you want cleaner healthier air and to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms? If so, home air filters like the VentMask may help. Ever notice a thick blanket of dust under a bed that hasn't been vacuumed for a few weeks? Imagine what could be lurking in your heating and air conditioning ducts. Read More

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    Who is the most affected by low indoor air quality?

    Children spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors, making young people particularly susceptible to indoor air pollution. Why? Because their bodies are still developing and children breathe in 50 % more oxygen per pound than an adult. If your indoor air quality is poor, they inhale and absorb a greater volume of contaminants. Read more